Light Weight Stone Panels Product from Pacific Bedrock
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Our expertise in natural stone includes
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Ultra thin honeycomb lightweight stone panels
Description of product:
3-4mm thick stone veneer(marble, granite or limestone) adhered to Aluminum Honeycomb sheet (with verious thickness).
The uniqueness of our product is as follows:
  1. Safety: Non-fragile, Soundproof, heat insulation, temperature preservation, fireproof, humidity proof, and anti-decay.
  2. Energy saving and light weight, one square meter of 22mm thick panel  weighs 15kg, one square meter of 17mm thick panel weighs 9.4kg and one square meter of 10mm panel only weighs 8.5kg.
  3. The size of our product can be as any cut to size our client chooses for his project, up to slab size of 2440x1220mm while maintaining 3-4mm thick stone and 4-100mm Aluminum honeycomb, which is suitable to different use.
  4. Easy installation: with provided accessories, aluminum alloy keel, it can be dismantled and reinstalled easily. Save time and workmanship. For technical application drawings click here.

  5. Usage: it can be installed on walls,ceilings,floors, wall conections, bathrooms, furniture table top, aircraft, boats etc.


The aluminum honeycomb core is composed by multilayer aluminum foil, honeycomb is formed after fully expanded. Our aluminum honeycomb core has sharp and clear hole surface, and it is suitable for adhering to high grade plate as well as other purposes. At present , two types of product we mainly produced are micro-aperture aluminum core and normal aluminum core.

Aluminum honeycomb core specification and maximum expanded size

(1)  Micro-aperture aluminum core
Side length of  grid a=0.6  a=1.0 a=1.5 a=1.83 a=2 a=2.5 a=3
Cell size(inch) 1/25 1/16 1/10 1/8 1/8 1/6 1/5
Launch Maxi dimension 300×500 1000×1000 1200×1500 1600×2000 1600×1600 1600×2200 1600×2400
Model of Aluminum Foil thickness 3003 ,8011 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003
0.02 0.04,0.03 0.04 ,0.03 0.04 ,0.06 0.04 ,0.03 0.03 ,0.04 0.04 ,0.06
(2)  Normal aluminum core
Side length of grid a=4 a=5 a=6 a=7.5 a=10 a=12 a=15 a=20 a=30
Cell size (inch) 1/4 1/3 3/8 1/2 3/4 4/5 1 1⅜ 2
Launch Maxi dimension 1600×3100 1600×4000 1600×4600 1600×6000 1600×7500 1600×9000 1600×12000 1600×15000 1600×20000
Model of Aluminum Foil thickness 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003 3003
0.04 ,0.06 0.04 ,0.06 0.04 ,0.06 0.04-0.06 0.04-0.06 0.04-0.06 0.04-0.06 0.04-0.06 0.04-0.08

In general,Micro-aperture aluminum core is sold in expanded condition whereas normal aluminum core is sold in unexpanded condition.




It is a kind of high strength external building material, which was only applied in the aeronautic industry in the past. The surface layer of such panel is aluminum alloy sheet, while the central layer is the honeycomb structure made of aluminum foil. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel has excellent rigidity and is the best one of the metallic wall material available today. It has been widely used in the decoration of modern architecture , train, auto mobile and ship manufacturing industries.

PVF2(PVDF) color protection layer is fluorocarbon polymer, the base of which is KYNAR500 polyvinylidene resin fluoride invented by American Pennwalt Company. This kind of protection layer has superb performance in anti-efflorescent , long lasting and chemically resistance to corrosion. Therefore , it can be widely used in various climates and environments, from the chilly and dry Northern Europe to the torrid and humid tropical zones.





Light in weight, flat in smoothness , and strong in strength , Stone Honeycomb Panels process various advantages. Good performance in sound attenuation and heat insulation , as well as in anti-impact, fire-resistance , chemical corrosion , anti-ageing performance, it owns a unique competitive edge over other similar materials. Easy in installation , It is , nonetheless , more suitable for high-storey buildings as exterior wall panels or interior wall decoration.


Material Composition

  1. Face material : natural stone veneer
  2. Bottom sheet : fiber glass sheet or aluminum sheet
  3. Honeycomb structure : 3003 aluminum foil (domestic - China produced)
  4. Adhesives : modified astronautic grade epoxy resin (-40℃ to 150℃ for long term)
  5. Suspender : stainless steel


  1. Front Sheet : 4~6 mm natural stone veneer. Reverse Panel : 13 mm or 18 mm aluminum honeycomb panel
  2. The total thickness of the Stone Honeycomb Panel : 20±1 mm or 25±1mm.
  3. Maximum size for stone honeycomb panel is 1800x3200 mm

Data illustrations to related function:

Take the stone(marble) honeycomb panel with total thickness of 20mm composed of 5mm marble surface plate, 13mm aluminum honeycomb plate, 0.04mm aluminum foil with the side length of the hexagon grid being 6mm.

  1. Weight : 15.5㎏/m²;
  2. Specific weight : 0.775( t/m³);
  3. Sound insulation quantity (weight ) (note: calculate on the basis of testing result of 12mm-thick plate )
  4. Adhesive : astronautic series epoxy resin

(used between -40℃~150℃ for long term);

  1. Adhesive strength :
  2. Shear Strength    Room temperature ≥25 MPa;


  1. Sheet-core peeling strength at room temperature≥0.44MPa
  2. Honeycomb core adhesive strength:
  3. Node           Room temperature>13N/cm;


  1. Shear Strength Room temperature≥0.44MPa;
  2. Wind pressure resistance strength;

The measurement of the tested composite panel is 1000mm×1500mm×20mm, and the tested wind pressure is 3000 Pa, the result of the experiment: the wind pressure distortion performance can reach P3=3000Pa.



Traditional Slab With Junction Piece

Stone Honeycomb Panels

Weight comparison

Total thickness 30mm
Weight 75kg/ m²

Total thickness 20mm
Weight 15kg/ m²

Performance comparison

Unable to bend

Bendable(pressing 30mm bent not crack or split)


Big expenditure

Small expenditure

Safety performance

Cracking in impact-resistant test

Only with punctuate cracking

Material availability

Useful material output from one cubic meter waste materials 28-38 m²

80-100 m²

Maximum size


Able to reach 1600×3200

Comparison of Stone Honeycomb Panels and Traditional stone slab

(1) Flatwise Compressive Strength & Shear Strength
Density(kg/m³) Foil thickness side length(mm) Mechanical Features under Room Temperature(Mpa)
Flatwise Compressive Strength) Vertical Shear Strength Flatwise Shear Strength
27 0.03/5 0.53 0.44 0.24
31 0.04/5 0.66 0.53 0.30
33 0.03/4 0.73 0.58 0.33
39 0.04/4 0.98 0.75 0.43
41 0.05/5 1.07 0.80 0.47
44 0.03/3 1.18 0.89 0.52
49 0.06/5 1.43 1.03 0.6
52 0.04/3 1.60 1.15 0.67
53 0.05/4 1.65 1.18 0.69
61 0.06/4 2.07 1.48 0.86
66 0.03/2 2.39 1.70 1.00
67 0.08/5 2.45 1.74 1.02
68 0.05/3 2.50 1.78 1.04
77 0.04/2 3.10 2.18 1.25
(2) Node strength
Density(kg/m³) minimum unit value kn/m(23±5℃) minimum unit value(after 2-hour boiling)
13~147 1.32 1.25

(3) visible defaults(allowable maximum quantity on 900 cm²)

defect Incompact metal bits (mm)
0.9 1.5 2 3 4 5 6 7.5 10 12 15
Incompact metal bits 100 60 40 25 15 6 5 5 5 5 5
node not cemented 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
double foil quantity 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1

Below is the testing statistics conducted by China National Testing Center of Building Materials


test item

Stone honeycomb panel

Coated Aluminum Honeycomb panel

Coated Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb core

Flatwise tensile strength





Flatwise compressive strength





Flatwise compressive elastic modulus





Flatwise shear strength





Flatwise shear compressive





Climbing drum peel strength


Flexural strength





Flexural rigidity

1.06×109 Mpa

1.4×109 Mpa 3.57×108 Mpa


Temperature cycle resistance

No change




Impact resistance no crack





Node strength






Function of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


(4) Mechanic accuracy   (Smoothness) ≤0.20mm

Performance of honeycomb panel after using astronautic grade adhesive is as follows:

basic function Room temperature Shear Strength 32.5
70℃ shear Strength 16.8
90°sheet-sheet peeling strength N/cm 48.5
90°core-sheet peeling strength N/cm 34.6
Humidity and heat aging performance Initial Room Temperature Shear Strength Mpa 32.6
Room Temperature Shear Strength After Moisturized &Heated Over 500 Hours Mpa 26.3
Shear Strength Consistency Ratio 80.6
Rigidity Comparison Between Several Common Panels
Plate type thickness(mm) Bending rigidity N.m(m/m) weight (kg) specific rigidity
Aluminum honeycomb panel 20 11.5×106 6.3 10.8
Aluminum sheet 12.5 11.5×106 33.8 5.5
Steel sheet 8.75 11.5×106 68.7 8
The durable honeycomb aluminum foil can be used for a long term under -40℃-150℃ after chemical treatment with excellent corrosion-resistance capacity.
Comprehensive performance:
  1. Good vibration-resistance capacity (energy absorption capacity is 150-350Kj/m³);
  2. Good sound absorption performance (100-320 Hz sound source, noise abatement can be 33dB);
  3. Heat insulation and humidity maintenance (heat conduction coefficient is 0.104-0.130 W/m.k).

Face material :4-6mm natural stone veneer

Natural Stone Facing - Granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, onyx

Bottom sheet: aluminum honeycomb panel

Standard size: 900*1200*20mm

Maximum size: 1500*3200*20mm

Customized sizes are available.

Loading volumes:520SQM/1*20'FCL, 1040SQM/1*40'FCL

Weight: 16-21KG/m2  

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: (0.104~0.130)w/m.k

Stone Panels weigh 80 percent less than solid stone
Impact strength more than 60 times greater than 3 cm granite
Nearly unlimited choice of marble, granite and limestone
Polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, or sandblasted finishes available
Tested to over 400 psf wind load capacity
Fully tested for acid freeze-thaw and seismic racking
Our process and light weight allow ease of color blending and matching
The flexibility of the panel makes it the number one choice for seismic conditions
Variety of uses including exterior and interior wall panels, siding, soffits and elevator cab cladding.
Can be made into prefabricated wall panels or quickly and easily field installed.
High flexural strength allows larger size panels and high wind load capacities
Increases building exterior explosion resistance.
Can contribute to LEED/GREEN qualifications.
Proven performance in all climates
Reduced in-place cost and installation time

  Light weight slate Applications 17 Light weight Slate Applications
Slate Applications 12 Slate Applications 20 Slate Applications 21
Silver Galaxi Quartz 2 Silver Galaxi Quartz 6